About us

Who are we?
ARTEMOB International is
— A 50-year-old expert industry
— Specialised in knock down wood furniture, solid or veneer, and lacquer
ARTEMOB International, since January 2015
— Designs and commercialises her own products
— Proposes you a range of attractive, functional and affordable products

What can we do for you?
Conception & Production of FURNITURE
— Living Room
— Bedroom
— Bathroom
— Small furniture
— Study and conception of your projects, Marketing service at your disposal, show room in Paris
Production capacity around 30 trucks per week
Storage and Deliveries by truck from Romania
5 weeks approximate time of delivery

Our engagements:
Product quality
— EU specifications
— Quality control process through the whole fabrication process
— Fitting of a piece of furniture for each new production series
Service quality
— People dedicated to your account
— After sales service
Respect the environment
— FSC certification upon request
— Mostly hydro-finished or 100% dry extract products: compliance with
— COV emission regulation
— Recycling 95% of our waste
— Compliance with the code of the European Labor
— Compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations and with the valid working conditions
— No illegal or underage workers
— 100% of the salaries according to the minimum legal regulations